My name is Nerin Chappell and I'm the founder of Positively Sorted.

Nerin Chappell headshot

My Background

I have a background in marketing and admin and operations in a Retail environment, so I understand the challenges of meeting deadlines and staying organised so you can get ahead.

 In 2012 I left all that to start my own business, so I absolutely understand the challenges of keeping track of prospective and current clients, networking and supplier contacts, expenses, invoicing, marketing, let alone your actual work for clients.

I have a degree in Information Science (Info. Systems) from the University of Newcastle which gave me the theoretical basis for how businesses use, process and store information. In real life I believe these systems are critical for making business and life easier, however they need to be customised for each situation and each person’s natural tendencies. They also need to be flexible because life and business doesn’t always go according to plan.

I was a Certified Productive Environment Specialist (CPES) from 2015-2018 through the Productive Environment Institute in the US.

I become an Evernote Certified Consultant in 2017, and as I also started offering “done for you” admin and marketing assistance in 2018, I am now also a Squarespace Circle Member.

My Mission

I've always loved that fresh, clear-headed feeling of when you get a space sorted and de-cluttered. I also have a keen interest in productivity and time management. There are so many tools, ideas and apps out there to help organise your time and head-space as well as your home and office!

Personally, I have a strong desire to help people, and in these times where everyone is busy and stressed, getting yourself and your office sorted is my way of helping to improve your way of life. I am patient and encouraging, never pushy or judgmental. If you are overwhelmed and stressed by your mess I want the process of getting organised to be fun and positive.

My speciality is offices, taming paperwork and time management, personalising systems and spaces to suit the individual. Shoot me an email if you have questions, because I'd love to talk to you about how I can help with your particular clutter, storage or workflow challenge.