VIDEO: Filing your Reference Information - Office Basics series

This is the final part of a series where I briefly explain the main systems that can help your personal productivity in the office.
My Mentor Barbara Hemphill calls these "The Magic 6". For some these will be common sense, for some it may be a vital missing part that could make a huge difference in their daily work.

We all keep information for future reference, for just in case. The key is being able to find it again when you need it...

Whether paper or digital, your reference files could contain information like reports and meeting notes, product information, insurance and tax records, but also marketing ideas, training notes, the list goes on!

How do you file your reference information? Do you use folders, expanding files, a filing cabinet? Does it work for you?

If you would like to know more about my super paper "Finding" system, please get in touch!

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