VIDEO: Sorting Paper Piles quick tip

This week I have made my very first quick tip video to share with you.

Even the most organised among us will probably have a little pile of papers that we haven't figured out what to do with yet. So here are 3 questions you can ask yourself to help sort through that pile.

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No more miscellaneous piles

No more miscellaneous piles

I see it often. That pile of papers in your office or home that you keep moving around or avoiding. 

"I'll sort that stuff out later"

"I'll jut put it here for now"

Maybe its those emails clogging up your inbox or files all over the desktop screen on your computer.

You might shuffle them around every now and then, but generally, the pile just keeps gets bigger.

To-Do Lists - Part 2: Pen & Paper

To-Do Lists - Part 2: Pen & Paper

This week I want to look at the types of lists you can keep, more specifically the paper based methods. 

There's plenty of technology around that can be used for tasks and just as much talk about "going paperless". But I find just as many people are still more comfortable writing with pen and paper. It's usually quicker, and some say that you think differently when you write the "old fashioned way".