Testimonials From Happy Clients


Shane Williams - Totally Workwear Port Stephens

"Nerin worked with me to get our digital files in order so all staff can find the necessary files without wasting so much time looking.

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I always find Nerin easy to work with, she takes the time to explain things in a way I can understand, which is extremely important to me. It's still a work in progress but we are already noticing it is saving staff time when searching for files so is making us more efficient."

Kathryn Rimmer - Yin Yang Consulting

"The office is going fantastic. The filing system is fast, easy and accessible. The SYSTEM approach is brilliant and able to be instantly applied... Love the feel as the old office now feels new which has seen me work from home more often as I like the space and set up. My kids actually caught me walking into the office saying ''Hello office, I love you!"

Nerin is structured, efficient and knowledgeable with a range of tools available. She teaches you methods to empower you to make necessary changes."

Karen - Free To Be Me

"We now have a very clear office, we ALL know where everything is and where everything should be. There is no longer any confusion or frustration of where things are located... These systems have been so effective I have implemented them in my own home office, my husband is very impressed.

 Nerin was wonderful to work with, very calm and professional.

I was overwhelmed with the task that was ahead of us. Nerin LISTENED to our needs and had very positive simple solutions. 

With the chaos cleared, we spend less time looking for things, which now gives us time to grow the businesses in new directions. We couldn’t be happier, we highly recommend Nerin and Positively Sorted!"

Bev Ryan - Totally Focused Insurance

"I am so pleased I had Nerin from Positively Sorted come to my home office recently...

As an insurance broker it is a huge obligation within the compliance realm to have all records correctly filed and importantly,  readily accessible.

Having only moved 2 days prior to the 2015 April storm catastrophe I was struggling with a whole house of unpacking and the office rightly so took first preference. So I engaged Nerin and am so pleased I took that step.

Nerin is so calm and deals with the issues with such precision. Very easy to work with.  She has wonderful filing systems and other methods to deal with all different types of offices.

So get yourself “POSTIVELY SORTED”

Kylie K -

home office




“So far, I am much more productive this year than ever before.
Best of all, I am now saving money, because I have a system to keep track of paperwork. I submitted the paperwork for $8000 worth of reimbursements this week, an improvement from $0 last year - all because last year I couldn’t get my head around how to keep track of the paperwork, but now I know how to do it.
It’s now a pleasure to sit at my desk!”

—  3 months after a Productivity Quickstart.

Building Company based in Newcastle

“Nerin really helped us get organised, I can’t believe how easy it is to find things. All of the office staff no longer waste any time trying to find documents, whether paper or computer files. 

The biggest benefit of engaging Nerin was that everything has a place and the office is so efficient now, and it has remained that way!

Nerin was great and very easy to communicate with. I would recommend her to help anyone that needs some organisation in their office to give her a call.”

Mark Trenter - TimeRite Removals

“We at Time Rite Pty Ltd would have no hesitation in recommending Positively Sorted.

Nerin has established a blue print for us that will allow our business to grow to another level with so much less stress.
The process of how Nerin explained things was very hands on, and in actually putting the procedures in place was efficient and very user friendly.

Should any prospective client be considering utilising her service feel free to contact us here at Time Rite.”

Tony Wansey - 1on1 Property Mt Hutton  

“I recently engaged Nerin Chappell to help me find my desk as I haven’t had a structured or systemized approach to my work.

Nerin came in to my work place and asked several questions. After analyzing the responses to what I wanted to focus on, Nerin then incorporated our current practices and CRM into the changes required for me to achieve the outcome I was hoping for.

It is now 3 weeks since Nerin incorporated simple changes to my work procedures and my desk is still clean. All files I usually look for are easy to find due to some techniques Nerin has shown me.

The experience was very low stress, easy to understand and was always done from my point of view and aimed at me achieving the outcomes I had desired.

I highly recommend anyone using Nerin’s expertise and would welcome any phone call to confirm how simple it was and would be happy to answer any questions.”