Could you be making more money if you were able to service your clients better, and convert time into sales?

Do you struggle with mess and clutter? On your desk, in your office, in your digital folders or in your life?

Is your to-do list taking you hours to get through, all because you don’t know where to start?

One day is all you need to transform your productivity, get organised and change the way you manage your work. It doesn’t matter how bad you’ve let things get! If you’re guilty of working amidst piles of paperwork, stationery and a the decaying remains of last week’s coffee run, keep reading.

Clutter can be both physical and digital. Maybe your office is tidy, but your computer files are all over the place, scattered across the desktop and in uncategorised, unnamed folders. First of all, you’re not alone – remember that. None of us are perfect, but you can make significant changes to your organisational skills, and see real results in as little as one day with my help.


Changing the way you organise your work and your life can transform your business growth, spark your creativity and bring you success. A cluttered life – physically, emotionally or digitally – is likely halting your efficiency, preventing you from moving forward and losing you time and money.

Spending just 10 minutes a day searching for information you’ve misplaced adds up to over one whole week of your year. 

That’s a week’s worth of income wasted on being disorganised.

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You can create more time

Imagine if you knew exactly where to find what you need when you need it. Imagine having a manageable to-do list that didn’t wake you in a cold sweat. 

Implementing easy-to-use systems for organisation and management creates more time in your day – simple. In turn, you’ll reduce your workload, minimise stress levels and be able to provide a better service to your clients. You can organise your business operations to run efficiently and autonomously – unlocking time for holidays, breaks and staff leave. The result: boosted morale, less stress and a more productive business.

With a productive business comes opportunity. Create time to seize what’s possible, prospect new clients and build a profitable, enriching business.

A more productive business in one day

The Office Miracle is a hands-on experience with me, Nerin Chappell. I will join you for a one-on-one consultation directly within your business, and implement systems and strategies that’ll transform your efficiency.

This day is not like a bootcamp where you're punished and pushed to work harder! Think of it more like a yoga retreat, where we  detox and learn how to look after yourself and your office in a more sustainable way, with a calm, supportive guide.


What ‘systems’ do you mean?

The Office Miracle transformation is tailored to you, the way you work, and what’s going to work best for you. I’ll work alongside you to clear the clutter, create space and time, and keep it that way.

In a guided one-on-one session, I put an end to filing systems and introduce ‘finding systems’.

At the end of our consultation, you’ll be left with an organisational model that lets you find what you need, when you need it.

This isn’t just a new way of doing things. I set aside time during the consultation to go through your backlog, and fit everything into your new model. All training and some supplies is included, so you’ll be an expert in your new way of working.

You won’t go back to your old ways – I won’t let you!

I’ll leave you with a written Game Plan of what we’ve achieved, and how to continue on the path to a clutter-free life. A full accountability plan is included, with 30 days of phone and email support following our consultation, as well as a scheduled check-up after 2 weeks. You’ll also get VIP access to a Facebook group, with a community of individuals who have changed the way they work through decluttering. Here you’ll have lifetime access to regular systems tips, exclusive training and discussions with other like-minded people.

Ready to get organised?

2018 is your year.

Get organised, make time and transform your life.

No more procrastinating.

Your investment for the Office Miracle transformation:


Remote Video Calls - $1152

Transform your life from anywhere in the world. 

A longer transformation, broken down into manageable chunks to suit your schedule. 


Full Day In-person - $1297*

The biggest transformation in the shortest time.


2 Half Days In-person - $1390*

The same transformation, broken into two. 

You’ll get the chance to start implementing new systems, and review how they’re
working during the second half of our session.

*additional travel expenses may apply outside Newcastle, Port Stephens areas

Here's what some past clients have said:

The office is going fantastic. The filing system is fast, easy and accessible. The SYSTEM approach is brilliant and able to be instantly applied.
I love the feel as the old office now feels new, which has seen me work from home more often as I like the space and set up. My kids actually caught me walking into the office saying “Hello office, I love you!”
— Kathryn Rimmer, Yin Yang Consulting
Kathryn's office

Kathryn's office

Nerin has established a blue print for us that will allow our business to grow to another level with so much less stress.
The process of how Nerin explained things was very hands on, and in actually putting the procedures in place was efficient and very user friendly.
— Mark Trenter, Timerite Removals

You can’t afford to be disorganised

Think of the time you will save looking for lost files, phone numbers and critical information. Stop wasting time moving piles of papers from one side of the desk to the other as you think about what to do with them. Getting better systems in place now will save you hours of profitable time every week, as well as ensure you’re legally compliant and able to produce required documentation on request.

Your organisational transformation will unlock clarity in your mind, and in your work.

It's a Win-Win

All Office Miracle services are guaranteed. Upon completion of The Office Miracle™ course (including 30 days worth of follow up advice on system maintenance) if you are not completely satisfied with your transformation, we make every effort to resolve the issue by implementing supplementary services.  Alternatively, we fully refund your investment**.

**Upon written request, subject to review and exclusive of additional purchases and expenses.


Are you a...

  • Busy professional juggling a business and family life?
  • Person who feels stretched and unable to manage your to-do list?
  • Business owner who wants more time in the day to grow your client base?
  • Person whose work/life balance is seriously out of whack?
  • Individual who works from a home office and struggles to divide your work life and personal life?
  • Stressed, frantic and foggy-headed entrepreneur?
  • Small business team that could be working more efficiently and creating more opportunities for growth?

Then this service is PERFECT for YOU.


..and why this will change your life

Nerin Chappell is an Organising and Productivity Consultant, an Evernote Certified Consultant, and Australia's only Certified Productive Environment Specialist. With a degree in Information Systems from the University of Newcastle, and 13 years experience in Retail operations, admin and marketing, Nerin started Positively Sorted in 2012 to help make life easier and less stressed for busy people drowning in clutter and information overload.

Nerin believes that setting up effective systems tailored to individual styles of working can help tame paper, digital, and mental clutter . The result? A revolutionary way of running your business – and your life!

questions FAQ

Will the recommended systems work for ME in my situation?

These aren't just cookie cutter solutions. We work with you personally to find the right tools and methods and then customise them to suit your working style and preferences. Digital or physical, visual aesthetics, space and budget considerations are all considered.

What if I'm just not an organised person?

Being organised isn't something you are born with. It is a skill, and you can learn it. We show you some simple steps you can take to get started, no matter how much of a mess you think you're in. We help you find systems, tools and methods that make sense to you. They’re not rigid and won’t stifle your creativity.

Will the results last?

Let’s be real. You may fall off the wagon – we’re only human. But the difference with The Office Miracle, is ongoing support, and a hard copy Game Plan to refer back to. You will have a simple reference chart to remind you how to get back on track. You will have systems in place for everything – it will take no time to have you working efficiently again.

Do I need to clean up before you come?

No! It helps me to see you in your natural environment so I can help where you need it most. Please don’t feel intimidated. I will never judge you – it's what I'm here to help with.

Do you come and do it for me? Will you move things around? Will you make me throw everything out?

No, no and NO. I'll work with you, helping you make decisions that will reduce clutter and implement systems that suit you. If you're not a part of it, you'll need to get me back every week to show you where things are – that's not a solution! In one day, I’ll show you how to get organised and stay organised, and leave you with the materials you need to get reorganised if you go off track. You’ll also be able to apply the tools to other areas of your work, home and life.