4 Tips for Organising your bathroom

Are you ever in a rush to get ready to go out? Scrounging through your makeup to find the perfect shade of eye shadow? Or is your countertop in the bathroom completely cluttered with creams, makeup and hair accessories? I recently set up my new bathroom and wanted to keep it neat, un-cluttered and easy to find what I was looking for. Here are some tips to keep in mind in your bathroom.

1. Keep the most used items close at hand

All the things I use everyday are at the front of my top drawer; deodorant, face-cream, etc. Toothbrushes and handwash are some of the few things out on the countertop, for obvious reasons, but my perfumes, they are there because the bottles are pretty and to remind me to put it on!

2. Keep backups out of the way and all together

I keep extra razor blades, cotton buds, backup shampoo etc down in the bottom drawer all together so that when I run out of something I can go straight to the "backup box" to check before I go out and buy more. I also keep all those sample size products in a makeup bag to use when I travel.

3. Find solutions for things that bug you!

Getting my hairdryer out, putting it away and finding other things in and around it always used to drive me crazy! My partner helped me to attach a holder (actually a cutlery basket from Ikea) to the inside of the bottom drawer at the perfect height, away from everything else and now I just love to put it away when I'm done with it because it's just a perfect fit. Organising solutions need to be nice to use so it's not just more work to put things away.

4. Use compartments to keep things in their place

To prevent your neatly sorted piles becoming a jumble again the first time you use them, you can use drawer dividers, boxes, bags, and jars to separate things into their groups. They don't have to be fancy purpose made dividers either. Just use what you can find that fits your space and your things.