Getting Rid of Excess STUFF While Moving House

What a crazy couple of weeks its been for Positively Sorted! Between helping clients get organised, I have moved house, caught a cold AND became engaged to my wonderful partner of two years!

Of course, as an organiser (and a female), my first impulse is to start planning the wedding, but yes I did say I've just moved house! There's still so much to do settling in and organising all these new spaces. So today and over the next few weeks I want to talk about some of the things we're doing to make our new house into a comfortable home.

 Even though my partner and I both llike to be organised, there were a few contributing factors that meant that we had too much "stuff"  and were tackling this as we moved into our new home and unpacked.
  1. We have recently merged two "single" households and so had alot of duplicate items that we just didn't need (even if we thought we might.
  2. We had been living in smaller rental places temporarily and storing alot of stuff in storage. This new home has enough space to take everything out of storage (saving money), but after 12 months in a box, did we really miss it?
  3. A change in attitude from "maybe I'll use that one day" to being really strong and thinking "do we really want to clutter this great new home with the stuff that we don't use/like/need anymore?"
Moving - too much clutter!
Some of the "stuff" that we decided to part with included:
  • Bedside lamps that were mis-matched and one of them was really hard to find the off switch without sitting up fully in bed and burying your hand under the lampshade!
  • An award trophy that I received from a previous job. I took a photo of it for the memories and out it went!
  • Duplicate kitchen utensils, picnic baskets, iron, vacuum cleaner etc. Yes sure some things can be handy to have multiples of, like kitchen tongs or drinking glasses. But things like can openers and vacuum cleaners? Taking up space!
  • Decorative items received as gifts that we just didn't really like. This was a hard one, the last thing you want to do is hurt anyones feelings, especially someone who put thought and cash into a gift just for you. But this is our new home, we want to decorate it with items that we love, not out of obligation, but that should go for any home. 
We were pretty tough this time, but if you're finding it hard to part with some things, I recommend packing them away somewhere in a box for at least 6 months and see if you really miss them. Some of the things that we got out of storage made it feel like Christmas to find them again! But with others it was quite obvious that we hadn't missed them and it was time to let them go.

The next step is how to get rid of all that stuff. It's alot easier to part with something if you plan to sell or donate, it doesn't feel as wasteful and you could be helping someone else out who really needs it. More about that next time!