Organising Kitchen Cupboards - Before & After

One of the hardest places to keep tidy in most kitchens is the dreaded plastic containers, closely followed by the pots, pans and trays. Usually, due to the quantity of these items and only a finite space to keep them in, they will be stacked in a cupboard or drawer. No matter how neatly you pile them up, as soon as you need to take one from the bottom, they start to get messy. This week I received a new product called a Cakesnake that has inspired a mini kitchen cupboard makeover.


The pots, pans and oven trays were in a deep drawer and didn't stack very well. The plastic containers were in a low cupboard and very hard to find what you were looking for without pulling it all out.
cakesnake personal organising

Looking at the type of items, it was decided that moving the plastic containers and mixing bowls to the drawer would allow much easier access to find what was there, while the Cakesnake in the cupboard allowed all the trays and frypans to stand up next to each other when the drawer wasn't deep enough for that.
personal cupboard sortingThe Cakesnake


The Cakesnake has made access to all those bulky, clanging pots, pans and trays easy in the low cupboard. It hasn't saved any space but it sure has made this cupboard more effective to use. Nothing falls over when you get something out, and the gap is right there to easily put things away again.
As for the new plastic container drawer, there seems like so much more room here! All the smaller containers, sandwich boxes and kids drink bottles are contained in their own box, the lids are all in one place and then everything else neatly stacks according to shape. 
PS. The big red pot in the before photo found a new home on top of the fridge as it wasn't used as often.
kitchen sorted cakesnake

Just because you've always kept something in a particular place, doesn't mean it won't work better somewhere else. Also, few clever tools like the Cakesnake and containers to keep smaller items organised can make a huge difference.