Storing shoes without the mess

Whether you keep your shoes in your wardrobe or at the front door, sometimes keeping them neat and tidy can seem like a losing battle.

At my place the front door is a LONG way from the wardrobes, our bedrooms are up 2 flights of stairs, so finding a way to keep shoes neatly on the ground level was important.

We started out with some tubs and baskets so that we could easily kick off our shoes when we came in but still keep them fairly contained, but as you can see, this got a little out of control!

shoe storage before.jpg

Luckily, my man is still on the New Year, tackling outstanding projects, getting things done kick, so this week we have some new shelving in the downstairs cupboard. Now we can keep tidy not only shoes, but all those other things that are great to have handy on the way out the door... Hats, dog lead, keys etc.

shoe storage after.jpg

Obviously there are less shoes in the before and after photos here. That's because before we transferred our shoes to the new shelves, we went through and got rid of any that don't fit or are broken or worn out. We also took the winter boots etc that we won't wear for another few months and put them up in our wardrobes. Now it's just the shoes that we wear regularly and it's easy to find the pair we need!

It's amazing how many options are out there to get your shoes under control, and you don't have to build in something permanent to be effective. There are cabinets, standalone shelves and hanging racks just to name a few. 

shoe products collage.jpg