Winter Is Coming: Time to Change Over Your Wardrobe

We've had such a nice warm April, but this last week or so, I finally had to pull down my stash of warmer clothes from the top of the wardrobe. Unless you have a mammoth walk in robe with all the customised bells and whistles, you may, like me, experience frustrating moments in front of your wardrobe from time to time. A wardrobe full of clothes but can't find anything to wear? Pull a favourite top from the depths to find it crushed and unrecognisable? Here are the steps I'll be making in my wardrobe this weekend  to help make life easier.

Pull out all the Summer gear

What clothes do you have that you just know you won't be wearing again until spring? For me it's swimmers, sarongs, summer dresses and tops that don't really suit being worn in layers. Some singlet tops are still good for layering up under other clothes in Winter. Go right through your wardrobe and pull out all these summery clothes out. You don't want them taking up valuable wardrobe real estate for the next 6 months.

Part with the ratty stuff

Have a second look at those Summer clothes that are about to hibernate. Are there any that you think are coming to the end of their life? There might also be a couple of things that you haven't gotten around to wearing all Summer. Are you really going to wear them next year? Bring out the warmer winter clothes that have been packed away and ask the same questions. Now is the time to part with the unwanted and unworn. Make room for the clothes you love to wear.

Pack it up

Whether its a suitcase on the top shelf or a box under the bed, you need to pack your Summer gear into something that will protect from damp and dust, then pack it somewhere out of the way. I have 2 boxes that slot neatly into the top shelf of my wardrobe and they are labelled "off-season clothes". For the dresses, depending on space, they may have to stay at the far end of my hanging rod in a dust cover.

wardrobe storage.jpg

Set up for Winter

Now that I have a bit of space cleared out, I can set up my warm woolly socks in the drawer where my swimmers used to be and all my other Winter clothes should have plenty of room to fit in the other gaps left by summer tops, shorts and dresses.

Now all I have left to do is pull on a warmer cardigan and start counting down until those warmer months come round again.