Hey, I’m Nerin, nice to meet you!

Did you start your business because you wanted to help people by doing something you’re really good at?


AND you wanted to fit your WORK around your LIFE, NOT your life around your work? ME TOO.

But what’s been happening lately? Your business is going great, more clients, more income. YAY! And your family is growing too. You want to keep them healthy and happy and spend quality time with them, but your business seems to need you more and more.

I’ve totally been there! In the past 5 or so years I have gotten married, become a step-mum, moved house multiple times, owner-built a house, had a baby, gone (almost) vegan, not to mention the growth and learning to figure out this solo business gig!

I’ve tried all the productivity tricks and I’ve taught others systems to get more organised to try and help. And yes, systems and organisation definitely help, but only if you have the time to actually get them set up!

Sometimes you just wish there were more hours in the day!

Do you know the trick to getting more hours in your day? Another person! A side-kick that can take your big ideas and go off and take care of all the details for you.

I know how daunting it can be to consider this but there comes a time in a growing business that this needs to be the next step. Unless you want to be tied to it with no holidays, no time for family? No! You started you biz so you could call the shots and have that flexibility!

It doesn't have to be a full-time or even a part-time employee. You can start with a contractor just a few hours a week and build from there. And I can show you how.

So who am I?

My name is Nerin Chappell and I’ve been at the solo business game for 7 years now, and before that I spent 13 years working for a major retailer in operations, administration, marketing and franchisee support roles.

My main aim since starting Positively Sorted has always been to help relieve the busy, stress and overwhelm that comes with our current always- on, information flooded lifestyles.

The best way I’ve found to do that and really make a difference is to take those tasks off your plate that are time consuming that you hate doing or aren’t good at. It not only gives you time back but usually I can also get it done in half the time or better!

My Credentials

  • Bachelor of Information Systems - University of Newcastle (tech geek for software, databases & figuring out systems)

  • Worked for 13 years for major retailer in stores in 3 states and at head office (heaps of experience in different roles, opening and closing of stores, fixing messes, training staff, and collaborating with vendors and other departments)

  • Past Certified Productive Environment Specialist (2014-2017, Productivity & organising ninja & consultant)

  • Evernote Certified Consultant (lover of apps that help organise and store information)

  • Squarespace Circle Member (lover & builder of websites that look and function great AND are easy to maintain yourself)

books n trees.png


  • I love a glass of wine and a good book,

  • I have always loved to travel – most recently NZ and Vietnam, Japan this year and I hope to do much more.

  • I hate the spotlight - I'm an introvert and much happier interacting one on one or working behind the scenes.

  • I love nature & trees – I’ve got lots of tree related artwork and photos, and also love the beach.

  • I live in paradise (Port Stephens, Australia) with my husband, 3 year old daughter Eva and stepdaughter Liv (part of the time).

  • I am a recovering perfectionist – I have this weird need to follow the recipe!

What sets Positively Sorted apart?


Don’t get me wrong! There is definitely a place for the cheaper virtual assistants when your just starting out and on a tight budget, I’ve been there and could only afford a Filipino virtual assistant when I got started.

These guys are fantastic for simple tasks that are repetitive, and for performing well documented processes. In saying that they need a lot of management and checking. Sometimes it can feel like it takes more time to manage your virtual assistant then it would to just do it yourself.

So when you’re short on time and maybe aren’t even sure the best way to do something yourself let alone train someone else and spell it out step by step. That’s where I come in.

  • I’ll take your basic idea, drafts, vague description and available relevant files and go away and just make it all happen.

  • I have my team of helpers that assist me with the nitty gritty parts but you don’t have the stress of training them or checking their work and getting things fixed up. I do all that for you.

  • We can, and usually do, document the process so it’s easier for the next time (whether you keep using Positively Sorted or not).

  • We use my own task management system (Asana) so nothing falls through the cracks. If you would like full visibility, I can add you to the project in Asana so you see where everything is up to.

  • We will get your key dates from you and chase you for content so you don’t miss key promotions.

  • I support other women to support their families in a flexible way.

    • By hiring them as contractors to support my business and yours,

    • By donating to The Hunger Project

    • By becoming part of your team, growing YOUR business

Actually getting started


Usually we would have a phone or video call to discuss what you need, your challenges and wishlist. This might include how many hours a week you think you need (it’s totally fine if you don’t know this yet) it could be:

  • an hour here or there (adhoc), or

  • a regular weekly task, or

  • a project like a website update that you just want all done ASAP and then you can take over from there.

If we’re both happy that Positively Sorted can take care of your needs, I’ll send you a Contractor Agreement (or I can sign yours if you’d prefer), a welcome pack and an information onboarding questionnaire (this can be completed online or printed).

All that just makes sure we are both on the same page with expectations and boundaries.

I have learnt that communications is critical for a happy working relationship.

  • Not too much – ANNOYING!

  • Not too little – Um, hello?

  • No assumptions – we all know how that ends up.

  • If I’m not sure I’ll ask you – and I hope vice versa

  • If I stuff up I will ALWAYS tell you and do my utmost to fix it – it happens, we are all human.

So one of the questions I will ask you is your preference for communication method and frequency. Email, task manager app, Slack etc

And I’ll also ask if your preference is to save time (and just have me do as much as possible as quickly as possible) and get results. Or you could prefer to keep to a budget and work together so that I’m just doing the techy part that you struggle with but you’ll still search for images, fonts for example.

So if all that sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee or wine), here is some more information about our specific services.

The Team


Louise Lonie

Louise Lonie


I am a mum of three girls (aged 11, 8 & 4), a wife, daughter, sister and friend. I love life, being around people, being outdoors and most of all I love to cook! To have people over and share meals, stories of the past, hopes for the future and making great memories.


I have been in administration, accounting and management roles for over 17 years.

In this time, I have been involved in assisting set up 3 businesses – including a new call centre that covered several states. This also included the hiring and training of staff, writing and implementing full training programs and manuals for varied staff positions.

I have written many different manuals and training programs for specific roles right up to full business manuals.


I love work that is new or ever evolving, that presents new challenges and I love the feeling of accomplishment when other’s expectations are not only met but exceeded.

I love to get involved and break a task down so I understand it and then I like to re-piece it all back together in the form of a process if it is a small to medium task or a full manual if there are many pieces to your work structure.

I really enjoy knowing that the work I have done has helped a person AND a business to grow and succeed.




I am a new mum to a beautiful baby girl, Indigo. I love the creative life, painting, drawing and making music whenever I get the chance. In my down time I like to go to the beach or go bushwalking. My favourite podcast is The Tim Ferriss Show.


My career began as a graphic designer. Over the years and through various changes of roles and responsibilities, continuously learning and newly acquired skills I transitioned into marketing, becoming a National Marketing Manager for the last 7 years. I have kept up my graphic design skills along the way and love being able to be involved at multiple levels of a project due to my varied skill base.


My passion is the combination of design and marketing to effectively communicate a desired message that ignites action and delivers results.

Carly Landers

carly work pic cropped.jpg


My husband and two boys (aged 4 and 2) are very lucky to live on the family farm where we enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. We like gardening and creating a special place for our family and friends to enjoy. I love to take the boys on adventures (walks by the river, up big hills and jumping in dry creek beds), bike rides, entertaining, shopping, sport and wine with friends.

Professional Background

A background in hospitality has provided me with invaluable experience in communication with all walks of life under intense pressure, I moved into Administration / Office Management in 2008 with a small business in an immense growth phase. I have been involved in upgrading Client Management Software and gaining accreditation for Work Health Safety & Environment and Quality Assurance.

More recently I worked as Team Leader for Customer Service at Mid Western Regional Council making huge improvements in systems including; VOIP call centre operations/reporting, facility bookings, Service Level Agreements, Work Instruction Manuals, Employee Knowledge Management maintenance and much more.

What are my work passions?

I love connecting with people and putting a positive spin on their day. I love to learn new things and improve efficiency.

I'm passionate about good customer service and ensuring that I set a good example for those that I work with.