3 Options to Deal with Newsletters and Declutter your Emails


Most people receive more emails each day than they'd like. And we all know that an overflowing inbox can cause stress and overwhelm. It can make it hard to find the important emails that you need to respond to. 

So the first simple thing you can do to reduce some of that email clutter is to get rid of the newsletters and junk mail! Read the 3 steps below to get started.

Option 1 - Un-subscribe

At the bottom of every newsletter type email there is usually an option to unsubscribe. Scroll right to the bottom and you'll usually find it in the small print. This is very quick to do so you can do one or two a day in less than 5 minutes. Or, as they come in and you decide that you really aren't going to get time to read them, hit unsubscribe on each one.

Option 2 - Set up rules/filters to automate filing

This works well if you have emails that you do like to read, or need to for your work. You can set up a rule (in Outlook) or a filter (in Gmail) that will send these types of emails to a folder that you might call "Reading". This way they're not clogging up your inbox and you have a clearer view of your important messages. Then later, when you sit down with your cuppa or waiting to pick up the kids, you can catch up on your news emails.

Example of daily digest email from unroll.me

Option 3 - Set up unroll.me

Unroll.me is a free service* that allows you to select which emails get "rolled up" into a single daily summary email. This means you're not receiving many distracting newsletters throughout the day. You can also select emails to unsubscribe from. Your daily digest email shows a thumbnail of each newsletter and the subject line, so you can scan and only click on the ones that grab your attention. This works in a similar way to option 2 but is more automated and user friendly.

*The drawback is that as a free service, they draw their income by selling data about your emails to other companies. Read more here. It's up to you if you're comfortable with that. 

So your assignment today!

Choose an option above, and spend 5 minutes right now taking the first steps to reduce your inbox clutter. Unsubscribe from one or two emails, set up a rule or two, or sign up for unroll.me. Let me know how you go in the comments!

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