How I Dictate Notes and Reminders on the Go

I'm on the road alot more than I used to be. 

Sometimes on a long and familiar drive is when your mind can wander:

  • I reflect on a meeting or client appointment just finished.
  • I remember something I need to discuss with someone or a task I need to do later.
  • I also listen to alot of podcasts, and sometimes learn of new websites or tools to check out or business ideas I want to try.

I always like to "write things down" in my to-do app on my phone so I know I'll be reminded of these things when I am actually ready for them. But this isn't a great idea while driving, and my drive being usually about an hour long, I know I'll forget again if I wait till I get to my destination. Enter Siri...

dictating on iphone

If you're like me, when Siri first came out it had great novelty value, but in reality it didn't work very well at all with our Aussie accent and so was forgotten about. But these days, as long as your have Australian English set up in your Siri settings and also in the Language and Region settings, the voice recognition now works quite well. (Obviously if you don't have an Aussie accent, just set it for your country of origin)

2 Ways that I dictate to my iPhone

1. Within text messages or quick emails

Let's face it, rushing to the car for your next appointment isn't the best time to be trying to type on that tiny keyboard. As long as you can find this little microphone button, you can just speak and the text will magically appear, ready to send. Any punctuation can be spoken as well, for example "I'll be there in ten minutes full stop"

microphone button

Just be aware that the other little microphone now appearing in iOS8 on the right hand side will send a voice recording instead. But hey, that might be even easier!

2. Using Siri for quick reminders

If I have remembered a task for later had a bright idea, then Siri is even easier (and a little more hands free for in the car). Just hold down that home key and tell Siri what you want. I sometimes even send emails to myself for ideas so I know I will find it in my inbox.

  • "Remind me to pay phone bill tomorrow"
  • "Email to myself about storage idea"
  • "Remember to send follow up information"

If you want to find out more great ways you can use Siri, there's a little question mark symbol at the bottom left of the screen when Siri is activated. This will show you a huge list of examples that can be really practical.. if you can remember to use them!

Siri reminders

Have you used these tools for any other great time saving uses or while on the go? Tell us about it here in the comments or over on Facebook.