Is your computer getting slow? Try this!

If your computer is getting slow, one of the reasons could be that your hard drive is getting full. Things that take up the most space can be photos, videos, music or software programs.

Getting rid of Software that you're not using is an easy way to free up a chunk of hard drive space if you know your hard drive is getting full. It's also great if you're sick of your desktop screen and start menu being cluttered with icons for programs that you never use.

howto uninstall software

Why would you have software on your computer that you don't use?

  1. Alot of computers come with software already installed that the manufacturer thinks might be useful to you. Some of these are trial versions that they get a commission on if you sign up and pay to keep using. Most of them you don't need and are just taking up space.
  2. Alternatively you may have installed software that either didn't end up being useful, or your needs have changed and you just don't use it anymore. Maybe someone else installed something and you don't want to keep it.

How To Get Rid of Unwanted Software (in Windows)

If you have a Windows computer and aren't sure how to get rid of these programs that are cluttering up your hard drive, then check out this video. In it I explain how to easily uninstall software in Windows 10 as well as older versions of Windows.