Time To Re-Boot That 2013 Project

Well can you believe we are officially one quarter of the way through the year 2013 already?

It's a good time to stop and check in with yourself, how are you going with your New Years resolutions? Have you lost focus? Is there still something that you want to achieve for 2013? Now is the time to take stock, when you still have 9 months of the year left to make a difference on the goal, project or habit you want to work on.

If you have made some headway, give yourself a pat on the back (or your reward of choice), check where you can make improvements and make sure you're still on course, then keep going! 

If you haven't made much of a dent, that's ok! Don't beat yourself up, it doesn't help. Have a think, what's the thing that's holding you up? Think about all those excuses you've made, are they realistic obstacles that you need to overcome or are they just excuses? What's the Real obstacle? Is this goal even important to you anymore? no? thats ok too! Stop feeling guilty about it and take it off your to-do list.

The first step to get you on your way is answering all these questions and figuring out how to beat that obstacle. Is it lack of funding, lack of time, lack of knowledge? Then make a budget, set a schedule, do some research or ask for help. Just work on the one thing that will help you get started. Making those first steps might just give you the momentum you need to keep going.