To-Do Lists - Part 3: Apps & Technology

In the past couple of weeks we have looked at some ways to manage to-do lists and some differentpaper options, so this week I'll show you some of my favourite online and smartphone apps for keeping on top of things to do.

With smartphones so popular, there are literally hundreds of apps available to keep track of lists, tasks and appointments. And because you always have your phone with you, it's perfect for capturing notes or to-dos when you think of them, and to always be able to access your to-do list when you are ready to tackle it.



(Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, Android)

I have raved about Evernote and some of its great features before (see here) so I won't go into too much detail.It's so flexible because you can make notes with checklists within them or you can make a separate note for each to-do if you want more detailed information handy. The options for capturing reminders are another huge plus. My favourite way is to take a quick photo of something, you can add typed notes to go with it and if the photo is of a sign or maybe a page out of a magazine, the search feature will recognise the text in the photo!  


(Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, Android)

If you're one of those people who love pretty stationery, hate ugly apps and love simplicity, thenWunderlist could be an option for you. It's gorgeous with a choice of backgrounds, it super simple to use and if you want, you can add due dates, reminders and extra info for each item. You can also share lists with others using Wunderlist, perfect for sharing the shopping list with your spouse. 



This one is a fantastic, easy shopping list. Because its so simple, there's no lag when you start it up, so when you notice you've run out of something, you can quickly add it to your list and get on with your day. It also remembers items you have added before, so as soon as you start typing it will bring up a list of matching items and you can just tap on it to add to your list! And of course you can add quantities as well.

Everyone is different, with different responsibilities and priorities, and different ways of thinking about things. That's why there are so many different options out there for tracking to-dos. Sometimes you need to try a few to find the one that works in a way that is effective for how you think, but once you find the right fit, they can save you so much time and save you having to carry pen and paper with you everywhere.