Ways of Storing Stationery

 Do you have a dedicated location in your office for stationery? I'm talking pens, notebooks, extra staples, blank CDs, envelopes.. Anything that's blank or a refill or consumable on or around your desk.

I usually split stationery into 2 categories, current and backup.

top drawer.JPG

The current is of course the things you use every day or at least very regularly. These things I recommend keeping in your top and second drawers, pens (not too many), white out, ruler, paper clips, scrap paper for quick notes etc. If there are some things that you are constantly reaching for, it makes sense to keep them out on the desk. Things like your stapler, current post-it pad, or favourite pen.

Then the backup stationery can be kept in a cupboard or filing cabinet drawer, and it doesn't need to be in arms reach because you might only need something in here once in a week. I have my blank CDs, envelopes, extra post-it notes, staples and folders up in my top overhead cupboard, but for a recent client, it was the bottom drawer in her large filing cabinet.

Now have a look around your office.. Do you have notepads and other pieces of stationery scattered around with no defined home?

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