How Perfectionism Can Hold you Back

Perfectionism blog.png

Wow, where did that year go?? 

Today I am being completely honest about perfectionism. It's good that I have this tendency because it helps me spot it in others and help them get past it. But lately it has stopped me publishing anything on the blog or social media because I couldn't figure out how to get it "Just right". 

So I got out of my own way and shot this video in one take with my ugly dining room office in the background, and I'm challenging you to take a step today too. Watch the video and see below for more..


Jump in the comments and tell me...

  • Is there something you can make a quick decision about and just get on with it?
  • Are you missing out on or putting up with something while you look for the "perfect" solution?
  • Are you over complicating or making more work for yourself, trying to make something perfect?
  • Is there someone you can ask for help?

And if it's a project you've been putting off, try out my Free mini-course to create a Plan Of Attack and get started!