5 must have iPhone apps for Productivity

I don't know about you but I LOVE finding out about apps that can make my life easier. I do alot of work on my phone these days. Trying to sneak in little bursts of productivity, between chasing around my toddler and otherwise keeping life moving.

So to share and inspire you, today I'm sharing my 5 favourite apps for getting things done on the go.

Apart from the obvious like email and social media, these are the apps I use the most on my phone to make my life easier

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I've talked about Evernote before, here as an introduction,  here about using reminders, and here about business uses. I use it to store all kinds of notes, ideas, articles, measurements, anything that I think I'll refer to later. I use it on my phone for referring back to notes when I'm out shopping or meeting someone.  

For example, I had a recent client who needed some office furniture to fit a particular space in their new office. I had saved their floor plans in Evernote and was able to pull them up when I was out shopping to check the size of the room. I took photos of the pieces that looked suitable and grabbed information about them to take back to my client. And I saved it all together into Evernote. 


I have recently convert to this app for my task management and I am in love! It's so easy to use and I will definitely do a more in depth post about it soon. I use it on my phone to "jot down" all those thoughts I have through the day. Things like "oh I have to remember to cancel that subscription next month" or " I've gotta get milk when I'm out later." They all go straight into Todoist so I don't forget. 

Then when I'm out picking up my daughter I can pull up all the tasks I tagged as "@out". Which includes the milk and any other errands I needed to do. 

Now it's just a printer!

Now it's just a printer!


In these times when we still have to manage plenty of paper (receipts anyone?), a good scanner app is priceless. This one links up with Evernote beautifully, but also lets you save to your camera roll, or send or save with any relevant app. Scannable optimizes the scanned image so well that I've actually stopped using my actual desktop scanner!


Oh what did I do before this app!? Well I actually used another password storage app, but it didn't have half the features of Lastpass. Every login and password is at my fingertips, securely stored in Lastpass. Every registration code, account number, wifi password, bank details, license numbers, the lot!  

Google Calendar

When it comes to plans and appointments, Google Calendar is my trusty sidekick. It's easy to read and I can color-code events so that I can quickly decipher a personal appointment from a client meeting. It syncs perfectly to my laptop and if I have entered the address, I can get directions in Google Maps with one tap. I always enter appointments into the app on the spot, so no more appointment card clutter! And I never double book myself because everything is in one place. I have tried plenty of other calendar apps and this one ticks all the boxes for me.

Of course there are other apps that I use everyday but these are the ones that truly make my life easier.

So what about you? Have any of these apps given you ideas of improvements you can make? Is there a productivity app that you use every day that I haven't mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!

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