Make Booking Meetings Easy: Meeting Apps Introduction

Organising a meeting with few different people can be a nightmare!

 Specifying a date and time can be tough when everyone's calendar has to be checked and considered. Fortunately, there are a few scheduling apps out there that can help you organize your meeting without spending so much time and energy.

It is a quick and easy online scheduler. Simple to use and can be connected to your calendar.
Great for "every now and then" use to set up a meeting with multiple people.
Use it for free or set up the premium plan starting at EUR29.

Never let another client fall through the cracks, miss a beat, or lose a booking.
Get notified anytime a new appointment is booked, check your schedule right from your phone, and even tell Acuity to automatically update the calendars you already use, like Google, Outlook, iCloud or Office 365.

Note: Price has changed from the time of recording. You can set up a free account or start with the cheapest premium plan for only at $15/month.

Calendly is an alternative to Acuity Scheduler. I haven't used it but know a few people who like it.
You can start using Calendly for free or start with the cheapest premium plan for only at $8/month.

Try these out and see which one fits your needs.  Let me know what you think.