No more miscellaneous piles

I see it often. That pile of papers in your office or home that you keep moving around or avoiding. 

"I'll sort that stuff out later"

"I'll jut put it here for now"

Maybe its those emails clogging up your inbox or files all over the desktop screen on your computer.

You might shuffle them around every now and then, but generally, the pile just keeps gets bigger.

big piles ed.jpg



Most of the things in these piles are there because you haven't decided what you need to do with it.

This usually happens when things don't fit into your exisitng categories/folders/homes/drawers. Maybe its to do with a new project that you haven't set up fully yet.


This is a problem because:

1. It's double handling, wasting time and energy.

2. It's clutter that's messing up your space and your mind.


What to do about it?

1. Go through each piece in the pile and decide what it is. Is it something you need to action? Do you just need to keep it for future reference? Or is it no longer needed and now it's rubbish?

2. Make a home for it. In your filing system, or your to-do system. Where will you go looking when you need it again?

Remember, keep it simple, and label it!


If you need more help getting started or setting up systems that fit how you work, get in touch with me to have a chat about how I could help you get Positively Sorted!