What I love about Google Calendar

One of the key ways to get your life organised is to be in control of your time. Whether it's making plans with friends, important business meetings or your next hair appointment, it's just so comforting being able to look ahead, make sure you're available and know that you won't forget when that date comes around. Google calendar has won my loyalty for so many reasons, including the pop up reminders, and being able to share meeting details with others. But here are some of the main reasons I love it and it I can trust it with my busy schedule.


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It's always with me
I used to have a cute paper planner that I loved, but it was heavy and bulky to carry around in my handbag. The day I got my first iPhone was a weight literally off my shoulders, and I have never looked back. Yes, you can do the same in the default calendar app or in Outlook, but the great thing about Google calendar is that you can log into it from any device and not have to worry about syncing or copying information.

It syncs with many apps
Let's face it, everybody has at heard of and probably used Google before. And because they are so huge, there are plenty of apps that are capable of "talking" to your Google calendar to make life easier. A good example is to-do apps, there are plenty out there that will copy deadlines into your calendar so you can see you task commitments alongside your appointments. There are also a few calendar apps on the iPhone that have a lot better features than the default that comes with iOS. 

Colour coding
This is a great way to quickly get a feel for your day or week ahead. For example, I tend to make important, client related time blocks in red and social events in green. Other calendars let you do this too but not all of them. 

I can add appontments straight from gmail
With Gmail being part of the Google family, any emails I get that have a date or a time in them can be added straight into my calendar. The date will be underlined in the text and if you click on it, you can see the surrounding appointments and easily decide whether to add it or request another time.

I can't lose it
Being in the cloud, my appointments are always backed up. So if I lose my phone or my computer crashes, I can still log in from another device and it's all still there.


What do you use for your diary/calendar? Is it working for you? Comment below or on Facebook