The benefits of getting organised

Do you wish you were more organised but are just too busy to do anything about it? Maybe you don't see it as high enough priority, after all your clients and getting paid should come first right? Well yes, but here are some reasons why taking some time to get organised first will see you way better off in the long run.

Being organised will save heaps of time

How many times a day do you have to stop what you are doing to search for the information you need to keep going? The notes from that last client session or that bit of research you found last week and weren't sure how to file it. How long does each search take? Five or ten minutes? And then there's the time it takes to settle back into your work again. So if you did this 3 times a day that's half an hour (or 2.5 hours each work week), and I think that's being conservative.

Another way of saving time, is if your organised enough to be able to delegate tasks. If you can call on someone and just give them the instructions of how you normally do the task, and access to the info they need, wouldn't that be great?

What else could you be doing with that time that's way more valuable?

Saving money

If you've ever received a late fine for a bill not paid or been stressed about getting all the info together to get your tax done before the deadline, you know what I mean here. It can be frustrating and disappointing to have to pay out money just because you weren't on top of your paperwork and deadlines. Other ways being unorganised can cost you money:

  • Missing out on tax deductions because you lost receipts
  • Having to buy extra stationery because you lost the originals (these costs can really add up)
  • Missing out on early bird discounts to conferences and courses
  • Missing out on jobs or clients because the quote got lost in a pile before you had a chance to send it
  • Losing a cheque. Trust me, I have found these in years old boxes of paperwork!

A clear desk helps clear your head and helps you focus

Have you ever made some silly mistake and thought "where is my head, what was i thinking?"  Chances are, your brain was too busy trying to process the 10 other things going on around it, and not focused on the important client proposal that you just hit send on. It's bad enough with your phone ringing and beeping, emails coming in and someone having a loud conversation in the next room, those piles of unfinished tasks and unfiled papers are just as loud a distraction.

Reduce stress and live longer

A bit of stress is good for you right? I know I get more done when I have a deadline to work to! But if you're constantly stressed about what bills are due, what customer you're letting down or how you're going to get any time with your loved ones then how can that be good? This video shows just how bad stress can be for your life expectancy. 

So don't delay any longer. Get organised and save time, money, and maybe even your life!
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