What to do when it's all a bit too much

You’re drowning in contracts, your email inbox is overflowing, and at home your floor is ankle deep in clothes. Don't stress - we’ve all been there. A few busy weeks, a little careless indecision about where things should go and it's out of control before you know it. You're stressed out and overwhelmed. You’ve got two options to get back on track.

when its all a bit much

Option 1 - Set a timer for 20 minutes per day...

...and just go for it. Get as much done as you can in that time, and then stop. Let it go. Focus on something else until tomorrow, and then set aside another chunk of time to continue. Sacrificing just 20 minutes a day to declutter can make a huge difference - just be prepared to give up a few minutes watching TV or surfing Facebook!

Option 2 - Set aside a whole day...

...and get on top of it all at once - and then vow to put those organisation tips into practice once and for all. Throw on some motivational power ballads, tie your hair in a bun, and get ready to feel empowered.

Still stuck? No stress. My one-to-one Office Miracle Sessions include tons of storage ideas and proven systems and tools that’ll help you keep on top of things - oh, and of course, plenty of encouragement to get the job done! I’ll keep you accountable for your organisational goals, and you’ll be more organised at work and at home.