Your Mental Filing Cabinet: It’s Straining Your Brain!

Just like we store our documents in a filing cabinet, each labelled and categorised, we use our brains to store our everyday thoughts, our goals, our memories and our subconscious musings. That’s a lot of stress on one poor brain.

Have you ever overstuffed your filing cabinet? You know, it’ll make that grating sound as the sheer weight of your paper-laden life bears down on the metal tracks. Documents get trapped in the draw as you carelessly force it closed, and next time you go to pick up where you left off, everything’s in a scramble.

That’s what we’re doing to our brains every time we overload it with thoughts. It’s no wonder we forget things! We’re overstuffing our own capacity.

alternatives for mental filing cabinet

It’s this overstuffing that calls for a serious organisational shake up. That’s exactly why I created my Digital Toolbox - to stop you overstuffing your mental filing cabinet. Storing your thoughts elsewhere, like in apps or other systems, means more headspace for you.

Here’s just some of the things we need to stop stuffing our brains with:


Resources and training, checklists and procedures

Got somebody new on board? Trying to train them on in-house procedures, demonstrate your worth, and simply communicate can be difficult without all your information stored in one place.

Tasks, projects and actionables

Ah, the humble to-do list. Every neat freak’s best friend. But just because you have a to-do list, doesn’t mean you’re organised. Sorry guys, scrawling on the back of a used envelope doesn’t count.

Keeping your tasks categorised and assigning actionables to individuals, schedules or timeframes gives your brain a break, and lets you focus on getting things done.

Ideas, somedays and bucket lists

Ah, those sparks of creativity that come at the most mundane of moments. You know the ones. You’ll sit at your desk all week waiting for that strike of brilliance, and nothing. Then, there you are, browsing the range of toothpaste in ALDI and bam, suddenly you’re innovation kicks in. There you are, trolley full of ALDI bargains, with nowhere to store that information. Before you know it - poof. It’s gone.

Dates, appointments, events and birthdays

With Australia Post deciding that receiving our mail 5 days a week was utterly spoiling us, you can’t afford to miss Auntie Jean from Darwin’s birthday. Things get busy, and somehow important dates, dentist appointments and commitments just seem to tumble out of our brains.

8 cavities and a missed appointment fee later, you’ll wish you’d found a system to manage your important dates sooner!

Contacts and clients

Is there anything more embarrassing than when a new client, boss or supplier calls, and you’ve not got the foggiest who they are because you didn’t have their number saved? Finding a way of managing your contacts and clients will save not only brain power, but avoid risking your reputation.

Passwords, logins and registration numbers

With cyber security an ever growing problem, our poor brains now have to juggle more passwords, access codes and memorable answers to bizarre questions than ever. Finding unique, secure systems to store this information can save time and energy - not to mention avoid a few ‘forgot your password’ reset links.


If you’re now in a heap on the floor feeling like a disorganised, erratic mess, and you’re wondering how your brain hasn’t exploded, don’t fret. My Digital Toolbox has all the organisational apps and information systems you need to declutter your mind and keep all your important dates, memos and creative outburst in one place.

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