7 Ways to Automate and Streamline your workflow

Woohoo! You made it to the seventh and final Step of 7 Steps to Save Time and be free from Overwhelm!

This is the last step in this series. Now that you've implemented the action steps, you have some great systems in place for keeping track of your time AND information.

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Step 7 - Automate and Streamline Systems

Today is all about the little tweaks and adjustments you can make to save more time. We'll look at your tools, apps and software to automate and streamline your workflow. This will allow you to focus on the high impact actions that will help you reach your goals. 

How This Saves You Time

Watch this video to find out! I’ll take you through 7 examples of what you can set up..

Today's 15 minute Actions to SAVE HOURS later

  1. Again look at how you spend your time each day. Where are you double handling information? What email or phone conversations are you having repeatedly?

  2. Write a list and begin to research ways to automate or simplify how you handle these tasks.

  3. Schedule small chunks of time in your calendar to keep working on this.

  4. If this all sounds a bit too technical, and time consuming, ask for help! The time that some of these automations can save you makes it well worth the effort. Maybe you have a more tech-y friend or family member you can ask, or book in for a quick phone chat with me to see if we can take care of it in a Strategy Session.

What's next

Remember that if you have a plan (from Step 5) you can make the most of little gaps of time that come up. Write down the very next small action you can take in 15 minutes and see where you can fit it into your calendar. 

If you would like more personalized and hands-on help from me, please do get in touch! Your can see my main services here or book in with me for a free discovery call. We can have a chat about what you need help with and then tailor something to fit your schedule and budget. 


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