The Best Way to Manage Random notes and papers - with Evernote

Welcome to Step 3 of 7 Steps to Save Time and be free from Overwhelm! I hope you're noticing some time savings already. If you're following the steps, you might be feeling a bit more in control of your paperwork and passwords!

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So what about all those notes that we want to be able to find later? Today is about setting up a home for all that information that we're bombarded with, but not sure where to keep. Go back to your "TO FILE" tray from Step 1, and chances are there are items in there like this. You might also have articles or blog posts that you want to read later, how do you keep track of them? And what about that measurement that you need to take to the hardware store?

The best storage and organisation solution for all this and more is a tool called Evernote. 


Step 3 - Start Using Evernote

Evernote is an app, available free for any device, that lets you store notes, images, attachments, audio, and even websites. You can organise your notes into notebooks, add tags and easily share with others.

How This Saves You Time

Watch this video to find out!

Today's 15 minute Actions

  1. Go to, set up an account.

  2. Save your new login in Lastpass!

  3. Follow the instructions to install Evernote on all your devices as well as the Evernote Clipper extension for your web browser.

  4. You will have your first Notebook that already exists in your account. Right click on on this and Rename it as INBOX.

  5. Read some of the getting started information that Evernote sends you. Play around and get familiar with the app and what you can save.

Extra steps

If you want to go a step further,

  • Set up some more Notebooks for current projects you are working on, or trips you are planning, or even just a Work and a Personal one.

  • Pull out some of the smaller, more miscellaneous papers that you put in the TO FILE folder/tray from Step 1, use the Evernote app on your phone to "scan" these in.

Other options

Another popular app that works in a similar way is Microsoft's OneNote. Evernote is more widely used, however, it's a personal preference which one you go with. OneNote does tie in well with the Microsoft Office eco-system, though Evernote integrates better with thousands of programs and apps.

What's next

Next, we'll start looking at your calendar and actual time. Woohoo! 


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