How to Use Lastpass for speedy access to your passwords

This is the second of 7 Steps to Save Time and be free from Overwhelm. In the first step we CLEARED OUR SPACE. We also set up a system and started sorting the clutter into workable groups.

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Step 1 - Declutter to focus

We'll tackle the dreaded PASSWORD. This is one of my favourite tips to share as almost everyone finds it SUPER useful. (Unless they are already using this or something similar)

Let's dive in. 

 Step 2 - Get Started With LastPass securely manage passwords, logins and other important personal information.

Lastpass is a platform/app that is available for every browser and device you can think of. You set up an account with a password and then every OTHER password is stored in that account. You only need to remember your Lastpass password from then on. 


How This Saves You Time

No time searching for lost passwords. 
Have you ever attempted to do something on your computer, reached a login screen and come to a halt? You've felt that internal GROAN of "I don't know where that password is! This is going to take me way longer than I thought!" Let's banish that feeling for good!

Much quicker logins, less time typing.
Let me show this with a quick video (only 3:13 minutes). This video demonstrates logging into website once you have Lastpass up and running. (Plus a super quick demonstration of how it generates new, secure passwords for you too.

Have key information with you everywhere.
Lastpass also stores other data, like licence, membership and registration numbers, and many more. So for example, if you're at a new doctors office and you need to know your Medicare or health fund details. The cards are in your other bag, but it's OK, you can look up the info on your phone, and make your claim on the spot. This saves you time having to make a claim manually later or find the info and bring it back to the doctor.

Oh and it doesn't hurt that this is also a SUPER secure way to store this type of information!

Today's Actions - 15 minutes to password freedom! 

  1. Go to and click on the red button - "Get LastPass FREE"

  2. Follow the steps to install the extension (or app if on a mobile device), set up your account.

  3. Just add your first couple of logins to get started. I suggest either the website that you log in to most often (Gmail, facebook etc) and/or those passwords you have written on sticky notes around your computer or written in the back of your diary.

Extra steps

From now on, every time you log into a website that's not already stored in Lastpass, you will see a little pop-up at the top of your screen that will ask if you want to save this login. Just say YES to that message and you're done!

If you need more help getting started, the Lastpass Help page is pretty useful, or get in touch with me if you'd like to book in for a personalised help session.

Other Options

Personally, I have only used Lastpass, but I also hear good things about 1Password and Dashlane. Check them out if you'd like to explore options.

What's next

Next we move on to another tool that lets you keep all sorts of helpful information at your fingertips. And in case you're wondering, we WILL get to the specific time management steps later!  


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